Poetry Reading

Genoa's Veil

Genoa's winter is a shy bride,

So intrigued, I would offer her a ride,

But where can I elope with her to,

Since she is from the heaven

and can disappear like a morning dew?


 If you were the mountain

 I’d like to be the river 

Gently embrace you 

With my endless love   

If you were the river 

I’d like to be the mountain 

Let you lie down in my warm arms 

But still allow you to freely flow 

To wherever you want to be   

If you were the wind 

I’d like to be the sand 

Joyfully follow you 

To wherever you blow me to   

If you were the blue sky 

I’d like to be the white cloud 

Decorate your magnificent life 

With my most creative art of nature   

If you were the piano 

I’d like to be the pianist 

Passionately play for you 

The most romantic notes of my life   

If you were a lighted candle 

I’d like to be the humble moth 

Show you my last beautiful dance 

With my life disappearing in your fire  

The Saga of A Paddlefish

-For Shenzhen Paddlefish Restaurant  

 One day, my mom was playing around   

In the Mississippi where no one can be found   

Someone with a duck mouth complimented her, 

such a wonderful blond   

And wants to take her to a beautiful wonder pond       

My mom was so madly in love   

Did not think through, 

just followed him to a pool at a big boat above   

They both sailed all the way to China  

 Where everyone has no entertainment except making babies for fun       

Here, they made lots of us   

With long duck mouths like my dads   

Now, we are so cool and precious   

People want us and cook us in their hot pots   

People praised me a lot   

Because I am so goddamn hot   

Sorry, now I have to say goodbye   

For humans who say they would protect me    


I Have

I have 

A pair of talented hands

Can weave colorful dreams

Dreaming as if a bee

spreading the pollen of thoughts 

to all over the earth

I have 

Colorful dreams

They all have beautiful wings

flying into thousands of houses

to deliver hope and warmth

I have 

A laugh

Can shake the mountains and make the ocean dance

Dancing the mist out of your mind

Showering the sunshine on your face

But, the most important is

I have you

It were you who make my life passionately burns

Burning in the never regret pursuit

Exhausting the last drop of my wax