What's This?

A Small Window into China's Soul-dedicate to all kind hearted progressive people and all young people on earth

An Inspiring Memoir By Jin Lan McCann

It unravels: 

  • The myth of a Rising China and a Falling American Empire

It calls for:

  • Revalue the devalued conservative/ancient wisdoms


  • Amazing first hand life experiences
  • Unique perspective and insight about the West and the East
  • A genuine voice unraveling the myths of Chinese model of development with the guidance of Reaganomics
  • A desperate call for change 

Worthwhile for Anyone to Read

  • Inspiring
  • Educational
  • Entertaining


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Dear readers,

To tell the truth, or not to tell the truth? 

That is the question. 

           We can never afford not to. So, this book will reveal some very uncomfortable truths that may alienate some people whom I whole heartedly love and respect. I hope my journey and insights may inspire you to revisit the historical events mentioned in this book and your biases, with an open mind.  

            Yes, with an open mind. Is it easy? I thought I was an open minded modern Chinese woman when I came to the US in 2001. The truth is that my mind had been closed like the shell of an oyster until 2018. Why 2018? Why not in 2001, the year I first stepped onto US soil, the supposed land of the free? Why not in 2009, the year I entered Wellesley College, one of the most prestigious schools in the US? Because, in none of these years were my instilled communist beliefs changed but enhanced. 

 Donald J. Trump’s victory in the presidential election in 2016 had totally disrupted my belief system. I could not believe that my alma mater’s beloved alumna Hillary R. Clinton could lose the election, especially with a majority of the popular vote. Many alumnae cried when the result was announced. I did too. 

            So, I spent two years extensively researching what happened to my beliefs. Among my transformation was an astonishing epiphany: that God indeed exists, though I was born an atheist. The understanding of God/Nature not only helped me to understand the conservative wisdom, but also the history of rising China and its impacts upon the world. Such a transformation is not easy for someone like me, who had, for most of my lifetime, been brainwashed by the atheist communist party. 

             I decided to rewrite my memoir in brutally honest fashion, to provide you a small, yet unclouded, window into China’s soul, through my personal evolution and insights.

           In this book, I will try to demonstrate:

1)  How Reaganomics/Trickledown Economics guided China’s economic reform and lifted 1.3 billion people out of extrem poverty, as viewed through my personal life experiences;

2)  How lacking the guidance of Reaganomics/Trickledown Economics brought down the American Empire in the world competition;

3)  My urge to wake up the American people and revalue the devalued conservative/ancient wisdom. 

            My dear readers, please fasten your seatbelt. The adventure ahead will be stormy and thrilling. Enjoy!

Oct 25, 2019


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Jin Lan's Poetry

Genoa's Veil

Genoa's winter as if a shy bride

So intrigued, I would offer her a ride

But where can I elope with her to

Since she is from the heavens

May disappear like a drop of morning dew?



If you were the mountain

I’d like to be the river

Gently embrace you

With my endless love

If you were the river

I’d like to be the mountain

Let you lie down in my warm arms

But still allow you to freely flow

To anywhere you want to be

If you were the wind

I’d like to be the sand

Joyfully follow you

To wherever you blow me to

If you were the blue sky

I’d like to be the white cloud

Decorate your magnificent life

With my most creative art of nature

If you were the piano

I’d like to be the pianist

Passionately play for you

The most romantic notes of my life

If you were the lighted candle

I’d like to be the humble moth

Show you my last beautiful dance

With my life disappearing in your fire

I Have...

I have
A pair of talented hands
Can weave colorful dreams
Dreaming as if I were a bee
Spreading the pollen of free thoughts
To all over the earth

I have
Colorful dreams
They all have beautiful wings
Flying into thousands of houses
To deliver hope and warmth

I have
A laugh
Can shake the mountains and make the ocean dance
Dancing the mist out of your mind
Showering the sunshine on your face

But, the most important is
I have ___ You
It were You who make my life passionately burning
Burning in the never regret pursuit
Until exhaust the last drop of my wax


The Saga of A Paddlefish

-For Shenzhen Paddlefish Restaurant


One day, my mom was playing around
In the Mississippi where no one can be found
Someone with a duck mouth complimented her, such a wonderful blond
And wanted to take her to a beautiful wonder pond

My mom was so madly in love
Did not think through,
Just followed him to a pool at a big boat above
They sailed all the way to China
Where everyone has no entertainment except making babies for fun

Here, they made lots of us
With long duck mouths like my dad’s
Now, we are so cool and precious
People want us and cook us in their hot pots

People praised me a lot
Because I am so goddamn hot
Sorry, now I must say goodbye
For humans who say they would protect me - lie


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